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Who Decides???

Your Children

Who will raise your most treasured assets, your children, if you are no longer there? Do you want the State to make that critical decision, or would you rather nominate a guardian, one who will love and protect your children as you would? Only you are intimately familiar with your children’s likes and dislikes, their personalities, and their needs. Essential Planning allows you to nominate those you believe will provide your children the greatest opportunity for happy and fulfilled lives.


Your Health

If you become incapacitated, and are no longer able to choose doctors, treatments, care facilities, etc.. who will make these important health care decisions for you? Essential Planning allows you to appoint trusted individuals who will step in to make sure your health needs are appropriately considered when you are most in need. (Health Care POA)



Your Finances

Who will step in to manage your finances (bank accounts, taxes, investments, businesses, properties, etc.) If you become incapacitated and are no longer able to make such decisions yourself? Essential Planning allows you to appoint those you trust to make these difficult decisions until you are once again able to do so yourself. (Financial POA)



End of Life Decisions

If you are in a terminable condition, who will make emotionally demanding life support decisions on your behalf? Essential Planning allows you to make such decisions before you are no longer able to communicate your desires about life support. (Living Will)




Estate Distribution

Upon your passing, how will your assets be distributed? The State has a distribution plan in place if you die intestate (Without a Will or Trust). However, this plan may be very different than what you intend. Legacy Planning allows you to distribute your estate in the manner you choose. (Last Will & Testament or Trust)