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I spent over twenty years in a family owned vehicle recovery business where my brother, Mike, and I often worked throughout the night repossessing vehicles from those who were unable to honor their financial obligations.

Early one Saturday morning, I stood on the front porch of a run-down apartment in Mesa, Arizona, demanding the return of a Jeep Cherokee from a young and frightened couple inside. While the husband and wife searched for the keys to the vehicle, I noticed two diaper-clad children, a well-worn sofa, a mismatched table and chairs, and an expensive (and out of place) stereo system. Most troubling, however, were the kitchen cabinets, all open, and all bare. There was no food in the home. It was immediately evident that this young family, though honest and well intentioned, did not have an adequate knowledge of personal financial principles to properly provide for their needs. It was at that point, on that doorstep, that I determined that I wanted to become a solution, rather than a consequence, for those who needed direction.

After graduating summa cum laude from Arizona Summit Law School in Phoenix, Arizona, I founded the Law Office of James J. Jones, PLLC with the intent of providing essential estate planning (affordably and conveniently) for families of any means.

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The Law Office of James J. Jones, PLLC, in the North West Valley of Phoenix, Arizona provides counsel and basic estate planning documents, including TrustsWillsLife Care Packages (Financial and Medical Powers of AttorneysLiving Wills), and Nominations for Guardianship of Minor Children for families and individuals, young and old, who often find such legal services beyond their ability to obtain.

As a father of four, and a grandfather of three (soon to be six), I consider my family to be my greatest treasure. When not spending time with them, I can be found exploring the Arizona outdoors or working with clients at the law firm.

While still attending law school, I became involved with Wills for Heroes, a program that provides pro bono estate planning services for Arizona’s first responders and their spouses. I continue to donate my time to that worthwhile cause whenever possible.